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Alessi Seminar

Annual event alternating in the U.S. and Italy hosted by Joseph Alessi

Alessi Publications
Exclusive access to orchestral parts for each excerpt, complete with written commentary and tips for you to incorporate into your audition preparation process. Play along with an orchestra as part of your audition preparation. Your orchestra is called the Orchestra “Machine”.

Alessi Publications
Fine arrangements and compositions for brass, featuring the spectacular arrangements of Robert Elkjer, Virginia Allen, and Nicola Ferro


Slide Partners


New Album "Just for fun" now available!

Posted: Sunday July 3, 2016

Interview with Mike Davis

Very fortunate to be invited my wonderful colleague in NYC to do this interview. Have a listen.

Posted: Saturday January 5, 2013

Remembering Maria Leone 1928 - 2012

Maria Leone Alessi, mother of Joseph Alessi and former soprano at the Met Opera passes.

Posted: Wednesday October 24, 2012

Wagner Concerto for Trombone (JWR)

"How fortunate to have trombonist Joseph Alessi do the honours and be accompanied by his colleagues in..."
-James Wegg Review

Posted: Thursday February 2, 2012

Melinda Wagner Concerto for Trombone (American Record Guide)

The Trombone Concerto (2006) shows she can write a blockbuster. Ofcourse, it helps that the orchestra is the New York Philharmonic and that the soloist...

Posted: Thursday February 2, 2012

Slide Partners - Arthur Pryor and Joseph Alessi

"Slide Partners" is truly a celebration of 100 years of American trombone virtuosity.

Posted: Monday July 18, 2011

2009 Juilliard Trombone Choir

Have a listen.

Posted: Monday November 15, 2010

Naxos Podcast

Raymond Bisha interviews Joseph Alessi about the recent Naxos release of "Return to Sorrento"

Posted: Sunday April 15, 2007

Alessi Interview with Bob Elkjer

Bob Elkjer, my arranger and good friend called me one day to talk about my history. Visit this link to go to Bob's page to hear the interview.

Posted: Thursday May 25, 2006

Playing Tips

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Practice slow scales every day, quarter note equals 50, two beats per note. When you breathe, repeat the note that you breathed during. Listen for the ultimate clean connection from note to note.

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